Disaster response information & assistance for collections affected by Hurricane Sandy

Dear IASA members,

In light of the recent disaster that Hurricane Sandy has brought upon the Eastern United States and the Caribbean, we forward the list below of disaster resources offered so thoughtfully by Chris Lacinak of AudioVisual Preservation Solutions.

Please feel free to add to these resources by commenting on the forums here or adding to the IASALIST.

Disaster Assistance Hotlines:

Northeast Document Conservation Center 24 hour Disaster Assistance Hotline: (978) 470-1010

American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works Disaster Response & Recovery Hotline: (202)-661-8068

Lyrasis Disaster Assistance:
Phone – (800) 999-8558
Email – disaster@lyrasis.org
Website – Disaster Assistance


Resource Pages:

Spec Bros Hurricane and Flood Recovery Info for Video and Audiotape

Washing and Handling Wet Film (video demonstration)

Mick Newnham's Disaster Recovery for Films in Flooded Areas 

National Park Service Conserv-O-Gram Salvage of Water Damaged Collections: PaperNon-Paper BasedObjectsNatural History,Textiles

LYRASIS's Disaster Response and Recovery Page

ALA's Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Page

CCAHA Mid-Atlantic Emergency Resource Guide

Heritage Preservation's Resources for Response and Recover

Conservation Online's Disaster Preparedness and Response resources

Library of Congress's Preservation Response & Recovery Resources

New York Alliance for Response


Grants & Funding:

Disaster recovery grants are available through both SAA's National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives and MARAC's Disaster Assistance Fund.

FEMA's 2005 Before and After Disasters: Federal Funding for Cultural Institutions [PDF]

American Association of School Librarians offer the Beyond Words diaster recovery grant