AV data modelling study published

A study carried out by Audiovisual Preservation Solutions for the Library of Congress concerning an appropriate model for AV material has just been published: 

BIBFRAME AV Modeling Study: Defining a Flexible Model for Description of Audiovisual Resources


It discusses the special characteristics of AV material that make it different from textual and other media and makes some general recommendations.  With the increasing impact of AV as information resources and the need to preserve material in those media, special attention to it is appropriate as we develop BIBFRAME.

This report was carried out in close consultation with the Library of Congress’s National Audiovisual Conservation Center (NAVCC) staff in Culpeper, Virginia, a vast archive that preserves and serves AV resources.  The report examines a number of proposed community models such as FRBR/RDA, FIAF, OLAC, indecs, Variations, PBCore, EBCore and others that inform the analysis.    The recommendations will become considerations for the BF model development as there are various ways the special attributes of these media could be accommodated.

The report is composed of a base document (the analysis, AV model, and recommendations) with appendices that give more detail about situations encountered with AV material.

As usual, comments, concerns, and discussion are encouraged via the BIBFRAME listserv (see the BIBFRAME home page/contacts) or direct to bfcomment@loc.gov.