Get involved: Audiovisual heritage memory? the clock is ticking

27 October 2012

Audiovisual heritage memory? the clock is ticking

Contributions to this page are being coordinated by SEAPAVAA (SouthEast Asia & Pacific Audiovisual Archives Association), a member of CCAAA (Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations).


Get involved!

We recommend that your organisation provides a link to this page:

Please encourage your organisation to share how it plans to mark this important occasion with the audiovisual archiving community.

Texts, photos, web and email links, and even copyright-cleared sound and video clips about events celebrating the day, may be sent to: for addition to this page.

Guidelines for the submission of content:

  •  text and photos should be sent in electronic copy (do not just submit a URL of your existing website)
  • photos should  be accompanied with captions and already reduced to web resolution
  • in case of non-English contributions, submit a screengrab of the foreign language website
  • audio and video clips may be submitted as links with or without embed codes

Celebrations of the World Day for AV Heritage from previous years may be viewed here: