Sound Archives Unspooled - How to Work with Audio in your Collections

29 Jun 2021
Sound archives can not only preserve the hidden voices of history but, by enabling access, enrich communities with a new understanding of changes in society and culture. But how can we make sound archives available? Or more immediately, how can we safeguard these archives until we can make them available?
London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) is one of ten regional hubs across the UK to join the British Library’s Unlocking Our Sound Heritage (UOSH) project from 2018-2021. Funded by National Lottery Heritage, the project aims to increase awareness and enjoyment of sound today, while safeguarding the UK's long-term capacity to care for and use audio collections.
Join us on Tuesday 29 June from 09.30 for this FREE half-day practical workshop on sound archives. If you hold sound collections, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the formats you have, how to store them, what to think about if planning digitisation, what information to catalogue and how sound can support volunteer work.
As this workshop has a practical focus, spaces are limited to allow attendees the opportunity to ask questions, engage with original material and share ideas about sound archives.
09.30 - Welcome and Introduction to Unlocking our Sound Heritage [Speaker: David Baldwin, UOSH Project Manager at LMA]
09.45 - Identifying, Handling and Storing your Sound Collections [Speaker: Robin Warren, UOSH Audio Preservation Engineer]
10.45 – Break
11.00 - Cataloguing your Sound Collections [Kate O’Neill, Catalogue Editor]
12.00 - Working with Volunteers [Kate O’Neill, Catalogue Editor/Martha Clewlow, UOSH Digital Assistant]
12.30 - Q&A session
13.00 - End
This event is for GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) professionals interested in an introduction to working with sound in their archives. The aim is to inspire as much as to educate, and heritage professionals of all levels and experience should find something rewarding from its content.
kind regards,
David Baldwin
UOSH Project Manager for London Metropolitan Archives