Sonic Signatures Symposium

9 Apr 2014 to 11 Apr 2014
Aalborg, Denmark

Sonic Signatures Symposium for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers 9th – 11th of April 2014.

Registration is FREE (subject to acceptance of application).  

Deadline 1st November 2013.

The Association for the Study of the Art of Record Production (ASARP) in collaboration with the European Sound Studies Association (ESSA) is pleased to announce the launch of its annual symposium series, the first of which explores Sonic Signatures.  This is a unique opportunity to work with top international academics and recording industry professionals to develop the leading edge of scholarship in this crucial aspect of the analysis of recorded popular music. Over three intensive days you will workshop your own research topic in the context of some of the latest analytical approaches while at the same time being grounded in the practicalities of current creative practice.

Hosted by Aalborg University, Denmark, the symposium deals with the debates surrounding the sonic signatures of recorded music artefacts. These debates are intimately bound up with technology and therefore with artifice, construction, representation, and mediation which themselves deal with subjects such as the (re)creation of (artificial/ impossible) spaces, the relocation of spaces, digital assemblage, artificial persona, and genre and style. They are, therefore, a representation of historical, cultural, political, national and rhetorical milieux through the artifice and mediation of technology. Above all, though, the sonic signature of a recorded music artefact bears the artistic imprint of the producer and the imprint of the performer's engagement with the technology.

We are also delighted to announce Richard James Burgess Ph.D. who has produced many gold, platinum, and multi-platinum albums as our industry keynote speaker.

Richard has been a major label recording artist and composer with hit records in his own right; was a studio musician of note, and has worked internationally for most major labels as a producer, engineer, re-mixer and manager of artists and producers. He is known for his pioneering work with synthesizers, computers, and sampling and as an inventor of the Simmons SDSV drum synthesizer. He currently works at Smithsonian Folkways Recordings in Washington DC, where he was co-producer, co-executive producer and project director for Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology, a seven year project chronicling more than a century of jazz and authored The Art of Music Production: The Theory and Practice, 4th edition (Oxford University Press).

Other confirmed speakers and panel guests are:

•       Anne Danielsen

•       Karsten Dahlgaard

•       Katia Isakoff

•       Martin Knakkergaard

•       Tore Simonsen

•       Simon Zagorski-Thomas

More guest speakers to be announced!

Further details can be found on the Sonic Signatures Symposium website: