The Preservation Life Cycle

21 Jun 2023

Preservation & Migration Seminar 2023 on June 21st at 15:00 CEST, online, free access.

The Preservation Life Cycle

Preserving audiovisual content is not a linear way with a starting point and an end; it’s a cycle requiring continuous care and long-term planning. Migration to digital is a significant step; however, digital collections are not without danger. Preservation has to be both permanent and sustainable. How can this work?

A preservation “system” for providing all the necessary and desirable functions needs resources deployed (e.g. storage), maintained and monitored, and requires oversight to manage appropriate interventions.

This seminar will provide insight into the questions of digital obsolescence, assets protection, permanent preservation and its costs, and decisions on the fate of physical materials after they migrate to digital—also an opportunity to share and gather thoughts from panellists and participants.