Metadata Management in Film Archives

29 Mar 2017 to 30 Mar 2017
Potsdam, Germany

We are pleased to announce the final programme for the workshop “Metadata Management in Film Archives – Putting the Cinematographic Works Standard EN 15907 to use and introducing the new FIAF Cataloguing Manual”. It will be held at the ZEM in Potsdam,  29-30 March 2017.

Main objectives of the 2-days workshop are to:
•share the practical experience of film archives that are already working with the Cinematographic Works Standard. What are the difficulties in adopting it and how can they be solved?
•understand the needs of film archives that have not yet implemented the standard
•introduce the FIAF Moving Image Cataloging Manual, which helps professionals to create better cataloguing and metadata records
•disucss new concepts of managing, storing and sharing metadata in film archives, such as linked data and RDF

The workshop addresses individuals responsible for collection management applications in film heritage institutions, cataloguers and filmographers as well as information professionals from related cultural and media heritage communities.