Cultural Heritage Archives: Networks, Innovation & Collaboration

26 Sep 2013 to 27 Sep 2013
Washington DC, USA

Cultural Heritage Archives:
Networks, Innovation & Collaboration

A Symposium at the Library of Congress

NOTE: This symposium is contingent on passage of the federal US budget.

Sept. 26-27, 2013

The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress will hold a symposium entitled Cultural Heritage Archives: Networks, Innovation & Collaboration on Sept. 26-27, 2013. Cultural heritage archives serve as valuable repositories of memory and knowledge that document the ongoing community-based creativity of individuals and groups. During the past decade, there has been an increasing acknowledgement of the value and power of developing such archives at all levels, from very local and informal collections to large national and international repositories.

The Cultural Heritage Archives symposium aims to energize the discussion of ethnographic archival thought and practice by presenting fresh and dynamic strategies for contemporary archival realities. It will also provide a forum for new voices to present and discuss emerging archival initiatives as well as case studies focused on several key topics for a public audience. The symposium will combine longer presentations by invited speakers with short papers generated through this call.

Symposium Sessions:

Session I: Users of Cultural Heritage Archival Materials
Session II: Preservation and Digital Stewardship
Session III: Archival Description
Session IV: Education and Training
Session V: Sharing Resources
Session VI: Forging Archival Collaborations and Alliances

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