COVID-19: a driver for change in access to audiovisual heritage collections

7 Oct 2020 to 8 Oct 2020

Approximately six months have passed since the coronavirus outbreak. The cultural and creative industries (CCI), were forced to adapt quickly to the new realm and reposition themselves in the dramatically changed operational context. Most of the discussions and reports that have been shared to date regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the CCI sector focus on the negative consequences. However, despite its disruptive nature, the crisis has also triggered acceleration in the development of existing ideas or creation of completely new ones with regard to the online access, copyright, new creative ways to use collections. AV archival stakeholders can see this moment as an opportunity to work towards generating long-term positive impact.

That’s why we are delighted to invite IASA and FIAT/IFTA members to a joint virtual exchange, during which we share our experiences and use cases on the topic of COVID-19 as a driver for change in accessing digital heritage collections.