BAAC (Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council) annual conference 2011

6 Oct 2011 to 8 Oct 2011
Tallinn, Estonia
"Digital access and copyright"
Call for Papers
Hosts: Estonian Film Archive, National Archives of Estonia and National Library of Estonia
The deadline for abstracts is June 30, 2011.
Libraries, museums, archives and other memory institutions are responsible for audiovisual collections that are part of our cultural heritage. Audiovisual material is attractive for public - “moving image can give more information than hundred words” as we like to say.
Digitization as a technical process has become cheaper and more accessible for smaller institutions, the possibilities to present collections on the internet are growing, different funds are willing to give money to digitization projects, and the public demands online access to cultural heritage.  However, copyright law puts restrictions on the online audiovisual content offered by the memory institutions.
How can we best balance between the demands of the public and the restrictions that the copyright puts on us?
The following topics will be discussed in the conference:
-          Copyright as a selection criteria for digitization;
-          Databases with audiovisual content – best practices;
-          Public access and copyright law – how to find a harmony?
-          Copyright and “invisible heritage” – how much material remains hidden because of the copyright law?
The conference will be conducted in English.
Please send abstracts of up to 400 words to:
Program Committee:
Ivi Tomingas (Estonian Film Archives)
Juozas Markauskas (Dizi Heritage, Lithuania)
Zane Grosa (National Library of Latvia)
Pekka Gronow (Artiemusic, Finland)
Heiki Männik (Estonian National Broadcaster)
Conference Organizers:
Ivi Tomingas (Estonian Film Archives)
Merilis Roosalu (Estonian History Museum)
Katre Riisalu (Estonian National Library)
Birgit Kibal (Estonian National Archive)
Juozas Markauskas
President, BAAC