Online access to Danish radio and television programmes

2011 has been an efficient year for the State and University Library in Denmark. One of the main goals for the library in 2011 has been to modernize students’ and researchers’ access to one of the most requested Danish audio visual collections: The collection of Danish radio and television spanning the years 2006-2011 with more than 500.000 hours of radio and television programmes.
More than 500.000 hours of radio and television

EUscreen's television archives join Linked Open Data movement

The EUscreen project has recently expanded its aim to provide unified access to European television history by implementing the Linked Open Data principles and by signing the new Europeana Data Exchange Agreement.

We would like to welcome you to download the paper Publishing Europe’s Television Heritage on the Web and to contribute your comments and feedback on the EUscreen blog.
Information about EUscreen’s Linked Open Data Pilot can be found at

1. EUscreen opens up to Linked Open Data


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