3.D. Name of publisher, producer (production company), distributor, broadcaster, etc.

3.D.1. AACR2 1.4D1, 6.4D1

Give the name of the publisher, producer (production company), broadcaster, etc., and, optionally, the distributor, following the place(s) to which it relates.

New York : RCA Victor

New York ; London : McGraw-Hill

London : Sussex Tapes ; Wakefield : Educational Productions

London : Gandalf Records : Distributed by Middle Earth Co.

[London] : Warner

3.D.2. Published sound recordings
Expanded from AACR2 6.4D2

If a sound recording bears both the name of the publishing company and the name of a subdivision of that company or a trade name or brand name used by that company (e.g. company label or record label name), give the name of the subdivision or the trade name or brand name as the name of the publisher.

Note that record companies often publish recordings under various labels (brand or trade names). This is often done to specifically target different market groups.

[London] : Ace of Diamonds
(Source of information reads: Decca Record Company. Ace of Diamonds)

A manufacturing company is assumed to be the publisher in the absence of any other publishing company.

Do not confuse the name of the manufacturer of the blank tape (e.g. AGFA, BASF, TDK) or blank disc (e.g. Audex Royal, Byer, for lacquer disc s) for a record label when cataloguing unpublished or broadcast recordings. If considered necessary, the name of the manufacturer of the blank may be recorded in a note.

AACR2 6.4D3

If, however, a trade name appears to be the name of a series rather than of a publishing subdivision, give it as a series title. In case of doubt, treat the name as a series title (see Area 6).

London : Walt Disney Productions
(Disney storyteller)
(Source of information reads: Disney Storyteller. Walt Disney Productions)

Australia : Sound Heritage Assoc.
(Soundabout Australia)
(Australia's Heritage in Sound)
(CD label reads: Soundabout Australia. Sound Heritage Association Ltd. Title page of booklet reads: Australia's Heritage in Sound, at top; The Soundabout Australia Series, at bottom)

3.D.4. Published motion pictures and videorecordings
From FIAF Area 3, Introduction

"All corporate names, with the exception of copyright owner, may be recorded in this area regardless of function. Since the ways in which corporate names may relate to moving image materials are complex and highly diverse, archives - particularly those with special interests - should determine the types of functions they wish to include in this area, and these functions may vary from institution to institution. At a minimum, include the functions of production and release/distribution. Functions other than copyright which are not included here may be included in the notes. Distributor names should be included in this area whether they are personal or corporate.

When chosen for inclusion, functions should be listed in the following order: production, cooperation/in association with, sponsor (other than commercial sponsors for television), presenter, studio, laboratory, distribution/release, network or station on which aired. Accompany each name which represents a different function with a place, name and a date." (from The FIAF Cataloguing Rules for Film Archives. Area 3. Introduction)

For further information regarding the application of this area to film materials, refer to The FIAF Cataloguing Rules for Film Archives, Area 3.

3.D.5. Form of name
AACR2 1.4D2

Give the name of the publisher, producer, distributor, broadcaster, etc., in the shortest form in which it can be understood and identified internationally.


[Sydney, N.S.W.] : ABC Records

(Source of information reads: Grammofon AB BIS)

: Columbia Phonograph Co.


: Columbia

: Columbia Graphophone (Aust.)


: Columbia

: Columbia Graphophone Record




: Columbia

(Early releases of recordings by Columbia predominantly displayed the full name of the company or subdivision or product on the label. Later the brand name or trade mark Columbia predominated)

If the shortest form of the name of the publisher, producer, distributor, broadcaster, etc., is in more than one language or script, give the form that is in the language or script of the title proper. If this criterion does not apply, give the shortest form in the language or script that appears first.

: Yleisradio


: Yleisradio Oy


: Yleisradio Company

Optionally, give the shortest form in each language or script. Precede each parallel statement by an equals sign. If the shortest form is the same in all languages or scripts, give it only once.

: Statens Mediesamling = State Media Archive


: Høst


: Høst & Søns Forlag = Host & Son Publisher

Based on AACR2 1.4D3

See also: 3.0.C

In giving the name of a publisher, producer, distributor, broadcaster, etc., retain:

a) words or phrases indicating the function (other than solely publishing) performed by the person or body.

[Australia] : Philips, p 1978 : distributed in Australia by Phonogram


: Unesco (Philips)
(Source of information does not provide a linking phrase for these two names: Unesco as the publisher and Philips as the manufacturer)

b) parts of the name required to differentiate between record labels, publishers, producers, distributors, broadcasters, etc., or to identify subsidiary companies.

: ABC Records
: ABC for Kids
(Three of the record labels used by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to market published sound recordings with ABC for Kids identifying sound recordings for children and JJJ identifying popular music recordings of the style broadcast from the ABC's pop radio station Triple J)


: Australian Broadcasting Corporation


: ABC Video
(published videocassette with moving image content)

AACR2 1.4D4

If the name of the publisher, producer, distributor, broadcaster, etc., appears in a recognisable form in the title and statement of responsibility area, give it here in the shortest possible form.

Rádiófónia [sound recording] : Készült a Telefonhirmondó megindulásának 100. évfordulóján / Magyar Rádió ; Antenna Hungária RT ; Matáv RT. - [Budapest] : MR, p 1993 (Biem Artisjus)
(Here MR for Magyar Rádió appears as the label)

If in such a case the publisher, producer, distributor, etc., is a person, give the initials and surname of the person.

The waterdragon [electronic resource] / composed and recorded by Dorian Dowse. - [Sydney] : D. Dowse

AACR2 1.4D5

If an item has two or more publishers, producers, distributors, broadcasters, etc., describe it in terms of the first named and the corresponding place(s). In the following cases, add subsequently named broadcasters, publishers, distributors, etc., and their corresponding places (if they are different from the place(s) already named):

a) when the first and subsequently named entities are linked in a single statement.

[Germany] : Saarlaendischer Rundfunk ; Italy : co-production with Eco, 1995
(Here Saarlaendischer Rundfunk has co-produced the recording with Eco)

Personal Record specially made for Olds Motor Works (Columbia Phonograph Co.)
(Here Personal Record is the label name used by the Columbia Phonograph Company for this recording)

b) when the first named entity is a distributor, releasing agency, etc., and a publisher or producer is named subsequently.

Sydney : distributed by Desert Stream Resources : Christian Life Centre and Firepower Ministries International, c 1996
(Here the description follows the layout on the label with the joint producers/copyright holders following the name of the distributor)

c) when a subsequently named entity is clearly distinguished as the/a principal publisher, producer, broadcaster, etc. by layout or typography.

Sydney : EMI ; Canberra : National Library of Australia, [1981]
(Second publisher given equal prominence by typography on album cover)

d) when the subsequently named publisher, producer, distributor, broadcaster, etc., is in the home country of the cataloguing agency and the first named publisher, producer, distributor, broadcaster, etc., is not.

Paris : Gauthier-Villars ; Chicago : University of Chicago Press (Cataloguing agency in the United States)

New York : Dutton ; Toronto : Clarke, Irwin
(Cataloguing agency in Canada)

Follow this rule for multipart items when the publisher, producer, distributor, broadcaster, etc., or its name changes in the course of publication, production , distribution, broadcast, etc.

AACR2 1.4D6

Optionally, give the name and, when appropriate, the place of a distributor when the first named entity is a publisher, producer, etc.

Djursholm : BIS ; New York : distributed by Qualitron Imports

AACR2 1.4D7

If the name of the publisher, producer, distributor, broadcaster, etc., is unknown, give s.n. (sine nomine) or its equivalent in square brackets, if applicable, in a non-roman script.

Paris : [s.n.]

AACR2 1.4D8

In case of doubt about whether a named agency is a publisher, producer, broadcaster or a manufacturer, treat it as a publisher, producer or broadcaster.

AACR2 1.4D9, 6.4D4

Do not record the name of a publisher, producer, distributor, broadcaster, etc., for unpublished items.

Do not give s.n. in either case. For unpublished materials, see 3.H.