3.H. Date(s) of creation (unpublished items only)

3.H.1. The date(s) of creation of an unpublished items are the date(s) of recording or capturing the sound (i.e. of the recording session); shooting the film or video, or of a person creating a computer program, etc.

3.H.2. Based on AACR2 6.4F3, 4.4B1

Give the date(s) of creation for the unpublished item being described either as a single date or range of dates (i.e. inclusive dates and/or predominant dates). Always give inclusive dates when applicable.

Optionally, standardise presentation of calendar dates to YYYY-MM-DD.



Note: Oral history interview conducted on 17, 19, 21 and 27 of December 1984

3.H.3. RAD 1.4B2 AACR2 1.4F10

Give the date or inclusive dates of unpublished fonds or collections (including those containing published items but not published as collections). When providing predominant dates specify them as such preceded by the word predominant (or its equivalent in another language and/or script).



1923-1985; predominant 1972-1983

3.H.4. Alternatively, enter date(s) of creation in a note instead. Include additional information in the note, as necessary (see 7.B.11).

Note: Recorded 1928

Note: Recorded 1972-09-10

Note: Recorded Sydney, early 1973

Note: Premiere performance recorded 1988-11-14--1988-11-15, Queanbeyan Bicentennial Hall, N.S.W.