3.E. Optional addition. Statement of function of publisher, producer (production company), distributor, broadcaster, etc.

AACR2 1.4E, 6.4E

AACR2 1.4E1, 6.4E1

Add to the name of a publisher, producer (production company), distributor, broadcaster, etc., one of the terms below:

producer (use for a producing entity other than a production company)
production company


a) the phrase naming the publisher, producer (production company), distributor, broadcaster, etc., includes words that indicate the function performed by the person(s) or body (bodies) named


b) the function of the publishing, producing, distributing, broadcasting, etc., agency is clear from the context.

Montréal : National Film Board of Canada [production company] ; London : Guild Sound and Vision [distributor]

New York : Sunflower ; [London] : Virgin Records [distributor]

[London] : EMI Records [production company] : PMI [publisher] ; Neuilly-sur-Seine : EMI-France [distributor], 1994


New York : released by Beaux Arts


Rabat : Radio Maroc


Alternatively, if the same company performs several functions and the place name and date are identical for each, the statements of function may be combined within one set of square brackets. Separate functions with a comma, space.

Chicago : Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation [production company, distributor]


Alternatively, if two or more companies perform the same function, and the place names and dates are identical for each, they may be listed together followed by a space, colon, space.

Paris : France 2 : Société française de production [production companies], 1992