1.E. Other title information

Based on ISBD (NBM) 0.2 Other title information is defined as a word or phrase appearing in conjunction with, and subordinate to, the title proper, parallel title , or other titles and which qualifies, explains, or completes the title to which it applies or which is indicative of the character, contents, etc., of the item .

1.E.1. Based on AACR2 1.1E1

Transcribe all other title information according to the instructions in 1.B. Precede other title information by a space, colon, space.

Movin' up [sound recording] : UK remixes

Magic guitar [sound recording] : 16 guitar hits

Music for dreams [sound recording] : a different ambient compilation

1.E.2. AACR2 1.1E2

Transcribe other title information in the order indicated by the sequence on, or the layout of, the source of information.

Army of Lovers [videorecording] : videovaganza 1990-1993 : the Ride the bullet story
(A pop video collection where Army of Lovers perform Ride the bullet and other songs)

1.E.3. Lengthy other title information

AACR2 1.1E3 If the other title information is lengthy, either give it in a note (see 7.B.5) or abridge it (see 1.B.4). Abridge other title information only if this can be done without loss of essential information. Never omit any of the first five words of the other title information. Indicate omissions by the mark of omission ( .).

1.E.4. AACR2 1.1E4

See also: 1.F.13 If the other title information includes a statement of responsibility or the name of a publisher, distributor etc., and the statement or name is an integral part of the other title information, transcribe it as such.

Texas girl & pretty boy [sound recording] : Mathilde Santing sings Randy Newman

1.E.5. Developed from AACR2 1.1E5

Transcribe other title information following the whole or part of the title proper or the parallel title to which it pertains.  

Pan in "A" minor [videorecording] : steelbands of Trinidad's Island

Pacific Heights [videorecording] = Pacific Heights : den objudne gästen
(Other title information in Swedish only)

Pierronet foltralet [sound recording] : tale = Petit Pierre le nigaud : conte

If there are no parallel title s and if other title information appears in more than one language or script, give the other title information that is in the language or script of the title proper. If this criterion does not apply, give the other title information that appears first. Optionally, give the other title information in other languages. Precede each parallel statement by an equals sign.

Variations on a Czech love song [sound recording] : for piano solo and woodwind choir = pour piano soliste et ensemble de bois

1.E.6. AACR2 1.1E6

If the title proper needs explanation, supply a brief addition as other title information, in the language of the title proper.  

H.C. Andersen [sound recording] : [selections]