Sponsorship Opportunities 2022 Annual IASA Conference

Sponsorship of the IASA annual conference is a unique opportunity to promote your business among key players in sound and audiovisual archiving, preservation, and restoration at a truly international forum. The IASA community is represented in many markets across the globe - Europe, the Americas, Australasia, Asia and Africa. The 2022 conference is an opportunity to demonstrate new technologies, new systems, and services to an an audience that is often in need of the support sponsors can provide. Not only will there be a captive audience in Mexico City, but also virtual attendees from around the world. 

Please see this year's opportunities for engaging with our international community: https://2022.iasa-web.org/sponsorship

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions to sponsorship@iasa-web.org.

Tre Berney

IASA 2022 Planning Committee