2022 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage - 27 October - is key initiative for both UNESCO and the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA) to honor audiovisual preservation professionals and institutions that safeguard our heritage for future generations. Audiovisual archives from around the world cooperate annually on this day to celebrate their work with events that not only highlight the vulnerability of these valuable materials, but also to celebrate the often, unheralded work of the institutions that provide protection and preservation, ensuring their availability in the future.

Audiovisual materials can tell your story, your truth, and your presence. They provide a window to the world, allowing us to observe events we cannot attend, hear voices from the past who can no longer speak, and craft stories that inform and entertain. By listening to recorded sounds and looking at images captured on film and video we can not only appreciate the richness of this culture but also learn from it. 

This year on the 27 October we celebrate both the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage and the 30th anniversary of the Memory of the World Programme establish by UNESCO in 1992, together it allows us to honour our history and safeguard our heritage.

Please join CCAAA by posting your events ccaaa.org/WDAVH2022 to allow us to share in the wealth of stories and content from around the world. 

Mary Egan, Chair of the CCAAA

2022 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage