Televisió de Catalunya publishes "Discover the Archive" video

Discover the archive, special on TV3, Televisió de Catalunya (Catalonia Television) website.

The Archive of TV3,Televisó de Catalunya, holds a unique audiovisual collection that reflects  Catalan history and society of the past 30 years.
Materials digitally produced and broadcast since 2003 are already preserved in their original digital format in the digital archive. Regarding earlier material, in 2006 we began the process of digitizing the old archive in videotapes, to ensure its preservation and access. Already more than 60% of the videotapes of the archive have been digitized and the process continues. The digital archive now contains almost 200,000 hours, of which about 120,000 hours is “born digital” content and about 80,000 hours is of heritage collection digitized content.
As part of the celebration of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, TV3 published on its website a special programme about the archive: "Discover the Archive", that offers a taste of the older materials hold in TV3 archive. It includes a report about the archive and a sample of news and programs broadcast by TV3 in its first years, in the 80's, that are part of Catalonia collective memory, and that have already been digitized to ensure its preservation and access.


It includes a link to EuScreen, European television heritage website, that gives also access to a selection of TV3 archive holdings.