7.3 Description of System  In Section 6.1.4 Practical Aspects of Data Protection Strategies, the need to address the functional categories defined in the Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS, ISO 14721:2003) is argued. The same issues apply to both large and small scale collections as this framework is critical to the development of modular storage systems with interoperable exchange of content. The following section which deals with small scale systems adopts the major functional components of the OAIS reference model to assist in the analysis of the available software and to develop recommendations for necessary development. They are Ingest, Access, Administration, Data Management, Preservation Planning and Archival Storage.  The system described consists of some form of repository software which manages the content, at least a minimum set of metadata, as well as hardware, with some recommendations on manual approaches to manage the data’s integrity. The hardware section outlines broadly two situations under which small scale storage systems may be implemented; a single operator digitising onto a single storage device, and a situation where more than one operator requires access to the storage device. Either system assumes compliance with all other components mentioned in the Guidelines, including appropriate analogue to digital converters,adequate sound cards,digital audio workstations (DAW) and appropriate replay devices.  The following information describes systems and software that might support a small scale collection as though an institution or collection were undertaking all the tasks.It is important to recognise that the approaches described below do not have to be undertaken by one collection.It is possible to find partners and commercial providers who might support some or all of the tasks described below. It is equally important to recognise that all of these tasks form the complete preservation and archival package and must be undertaken by someone whether locally managed or distributed.