5.2.7 Corrections for Errors Caused by Misaligned Recording Equipment Any misalignment in the cutting stylus should ideally be replicated in the alignment of the replay stylus, in order to follow the cutter movement as closely as possible, and so capture as much information from the groove as accurately as possible. There are several ways in which a cutter may have been misaligned, most of which are difficult to identify, quantify and correct. However the most common misalignment is somewhat easier to identify and deal with. This occurs when a flat cutter has been mounted off its major axis, resulting in a recording which, when played with an on-axis elliptical stylus, reproduces a delay between channels. If the elliptical stylus cannot be rotated to match the cutter angle, (by appropriately mounting the pick up), replay using a conical stylus may ameliorate the problem to some extent, though with a possible compromise in high frequency response. Otherwise the delay may be fixed later in the digital domain, subsequent to the initial archival transfer.