Shanghai Audio-Visual Archives to hold a conference and seminar

Themed event in celebration of World Day for Audio Visual Heritage 2012

The achievements releasing conference and seminar of the project
"Global Collecting for Shanghai’s precious Audio-visual Archives"

Meaning of this event:
On 27th October 2011, in celebration of World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, Shanghai Audio-Visual Archives (SAVA) started up the project "Global Collecting for Shanghai’s precious Audio-visual Archives". In the past one year, SAVA has continuously made new discoveries of historical moving images reflecting Shanghai's changes and has collected them from archives and individuals all over the world. What's worth mentioning is that SAVA has made a breakthrough in collecting historical footage through newly developing private channels. The latest collection includes original footage, unedited newsreel material and outtakes which has not only archival value but also heritage value. A city's moving image pieced together by three elements of “people, location and events” recording the city's past and present, meanwhile laying out the vitality of history. Cities have close ties with society and humanity. The evolution of history has formed today's cities whose rise and fall can all be traced. Therefore, the excavation, collection, protection and research of the city's historical moving image definitely are a huge cultural project.

The fundamental purpose of SAVA is to discover and reconstruct the Centennial Chronicles of the city Shanghai's historical moving image. Through our long-term effort on collection, protection, research and spread of the city's moving image, we have accumulated our own experiences and resources and moreover gradually have formed a macro vision in the resources construction of city's moving image. At this conference and seminar, we wish to share our experiences and achievements. And we also hope the industry and academic experts will discuss jointly the multiple possibilities of moving image protection and development so that we can realize the diversified use of historical materials. We believe that we need to have a long-term awareness of a city's dynamic changes and abstract a mature attitude to the recording of historical moving image, thus we can record the future of the city better.


Date and Time: Saturday 27th October 2012, 14:00-16:30 PM
Location: Companion Art House, 195 Guang Fu Road, Shanghai, China.

14:00 - 14:30 Achievement releasing
1, Introduction by SAVA: The project "Global Collecting for Shanghai precious Audio-visual Archives" and its achievement in the past year.
2, Playing carefully chosen historical footage of Shanghai collected through private channels.
3, Awarding certificates of donation to contributors.
4, Speech by the leader of SAVA.

14:30-16:30 Seminar on city's moving image protecting and developing
The experts and scholars attended can speak freely and discuss on the theme.

Leaders of SAVA
Delegates of footage collecting team
Consultants of the project
Delegates of contributors
Experts and scholars of related fields from Shanghai's archives, museums, libraries and universities, Media reporters