Appendix B: Guidelines for evaluation of the ABC radio collection

General categories retained by NARS:

  1. Significant activities of the US Government and its officials, including all presidential and vice-presidential activities whether official, partisan, or personal; similar for senators and representatives, supreme court, cabinet-level officials and/or department heads, and other high-ranking officers.
  2. Events, topics and other phenomena with national implications, e.g., labour strikes, union activities, pro-and anti-war activities, political parties, and other significant aspects of American society.
  3. International news events and topics, especially those involving US foreign relations; also wars, conferences, foreign heads of state (royalty, presidents, prime ministers, etc.) and conditions in foreign countries.
  4. Voices of prominent, famous or infamous personalities in all fields of endeavour, e.g. arts, culture, entertainment, politics, technology, radio news, etc. sports and provided for in 6 and 7 below.
  5. Scientific and technological change, advancement or achievement, e.g. in medicine, transportation, conveyance, including discoveries, announcements, experiments, and demonstrations.
  6. Sports recordings are limited to coverage of events such as Olympic Games, and professional championship games or matches and professional all-star games or interviews with famous sports personalities.
  7. Cultural activities as documented in recordings of events or through news and information programs, e.g. government-sponsored or produced programs with entertainers, especially domestic war effort and troop shows, as well as talk, interview, and public affairs shows relating to American life-styles, and the performing arts, but not regularly scheduled entertainment and music programming.
  8. The items to be retained are most likely to be located in the following types of programs:
    • US Government sponsored or produced programs
    • Regularly scheduled news
    • News bulletins, special reports and news inserts
    • News commentaries
    • Public affairs discussions or panels
    • Interviews, talk, forums, and similar programs
    • Actualities of events
    • Speeches, hearings

General categories designated for transfer to the Library of Congress:

  1. Regularly scheduled entertainment programs such as:
    • Musical variety shows
    • Children’s shows
    • Concerts and performances
    • Audience participation shows
    • Quiz and panel shows
    • Religious programs
    • ”Human interest” stories
    • Talent contests
    • Drama
    • Broadway gossip
    • Serial and day time dramas
    • Homemakers’ programs
  2. Sports, including amateur and college sports, non-championship professional games or matches, and regularly scheduled sports programs and commentaries.
  3. All local, regional, or network affiliate programming or coverage unless there are broader implications.
  4. Audio out-take material such as auditions, rehearsals, promotions, voice tests, recorded segments and bands for inserts.
  5. Commercials and advertisements.