technical metadata schemas review

AMD and VMD schemas revised and out for review

The technical metadata schemas AudioMD (AMD) and VideoMD (VMD) were developed in 2002 at the Library of Congress for use in the LC Audiovisual Prototyping Project with METS. They have continued to be used since then because there has not been an alternative that has suited the needs of some cultural heritage institutions, particularly those using METS. They have now been updated. The two schemas describe audio and video and are likely to be interim schemas to the coming AES-X098B schema (see: ) as well as a video one under development as part of the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (see:>

The draft revised schemas are available at:>

For AMD and VMD schemas there are some issues that we want to get feedback on: Both schemas have their element names changed to camel case to harmonize with PREMIS and other standards. Previously underscore was used. Is this change desirable?>

VMD has undergone a bigger update adding more elements to make it able to hold more information about video-files. An element
has been added. However to harmonize with AMD some more general elements are left in the schema so you can have a simpler description or you can use track to give more specific information. Should the two options be available in the VMD-schema?>

VMD now allows for the repetition of elements that previously weren't repeatable. Are the added ones sufficient or do more elements need to be repeatable?>

AMD has not changed the repeatability of elements. Are there elements that should be repeatable?>

Does AMD need additional changes such as was done with the VMD schema?>

Should the schemas be merged into one or should they be kept separated?>

We have a 3-week review; please send comments by Feb. 24, 2011.>

Thanks to Karin Bredenberg (National Archives of Sweden) for revising the XML schemas.>

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