"Phonographische Zeitschrift" from 1901-1921 available online

Phonographische Zeitschrift (PZ) was published from 1900 to 1938, running to over 34,000 pages in that period. As 'the journal serving the entire music and voice-equipment industry' (its subheading until 1933), the publication is a unique source of information, in text and images, on phonography in the first third of the 20th century.

The PZ is a mine of data on the history of phonographic technology, repertoires and the industry as a whole and is an important tool in research relating to the history of music, media, culture, business and copyright. As most German archives of companies in the audio media industry during and after the two world wars have ceased to exist due to numerous dismissals, there is no other source that can duplicate the information contained in the PZ. As an industry journal the PZ also carries the new-release lists of the record companies.

These are an important source of information in the dating of historic audio material and are often more detailed than the various label catalogues.

Issues from first 21 years are available online at: