Belfer Audio Archive's 50th birthday

The Belfer Audio Archive at Syracuse University is celebrating its 50th anniversary. From October 31 to November 2, 2013, a series of interlinked concerts, film screenings, lectures and seminars will celebrate the anniversary, promoting the Belfer’s rich heritage illuminating the importance of recorded sound to music-making in the twentieth century, and the legacy of those practices on music today.

When it was founded in 1963, the Belfer Audio Archive rapidly became a leader in sound re-recording and preservation technologies. Since then, the Archive has grown and developed until it now houses one of the largest collections of sound recordings in North America, with particular strengths in cylinders and discs up to around 1970. With new leadership (initially funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation) and with an administrative home within the Special Collections Research Center of Syracuse University Libraries, the Belfer Audio Archive is becoming more fully integrated into the cultural life of the University and the broader communities that it serves.