50 Jahre Österreichische Mediathek

This year the Österreichische Mediathek celebrates its 50th birthday. A lot of action is planned which will culminate in a symposium held on 27th of October, UNESCO's World Day of Audiovisual Heritage.

The first day of this event, to be held at the Technisches Museum Wien will be organised by the Mediathek, the second day by the Austrian IASA-branch (MAA). Topics dealt with at this occasion will be: AV-national archives, AV-archives and internet, digitising of video (conference language: German): please see the attached programme (Adobe reader Adobe PDF format, 93kB).

A television film on the Mediathek will be shown and a book with several articles on the Mediathek, including its history, will be presented.

Last but not least: an internet exposition on the history of the Mediathek will go online on that time.