National Library of Norway to hold film conference

The National Library of Norway's contribution to the UNESCO World Day of AV Heritage is a two day film conference in Oslo, 17-18 October. There are two centennials to be celebrated.

The topic for the first part of the conference is the Norwegian act for film screening in cinemas ("Kinoloven"). Stortinget (the Norwegian parliament) passed the new act in 1913 on the basis of the fact that many films from abroad were imported and screened in the early years of the century. Teachers among others were worried about the impact on children and youngsters, so there was a demand for implementing some kind of censorship. In Norway and elsewhere these regulations have changed over the years, and today the national censorship control mainly determines the age limits for each film. Ove Solum (University of Oslo) and Tore Helseth (Lillehammer University College) are among the speakers at the conference.

Day two of the conference is about the Norwegian film director Arne Skouen (1913-2003). He directed and produced 17 films on various themes, anything from war to comedy. His most acclaimed film is the Oscar nominated "Ni liv" (Nine Lives) from 1957 which takes place during World War II. Gunnar Iversen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Tonje Haugland Sørensen (University of Bergen) are among the speakers, and there will also be a screening of Skouen’s film “Vaktpostene” (The Sentinels).

Arne Skouen (photo from Oslo Museum)












From the shooting of Skouen’s film “Vaktpostene” (1965)