Library and Archives Canada's progress in preserving Canada’s AV documentary heritage

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is pleased to commemorate World Day for Audiovisual Heritage by providing an update on the progress and accomplishments in preserving Canada’s audiovisual documentary heritage. To date, LAC has migrated approximately 58,000 hours of content, which represents close to 11 percent of the estimated 530,000 hours of content detailed in the 10-year AV Migration Strategy. You can learn more about this subject by viewing the video LAC migrates audio and video recordings on LAC’s YouTube channel. LAC also continues to collaborate on the creation of the CPAC Digital Archive: Rewinding the Public Record. Up to now, LAC has provided 6,220 hours of proceedings from the collection. Furthermore, LAC has approved a Motion Picture Film Digitization Strategy, which will direct the operationalization of digital copying. This means that, over the next two years, LAC will have the technological infrastructure to support motion picture film digitization in place. Finally, LAC is now accepting Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) when acquiring feature films. DCPs are the digital equivalents of motion picture film prints. The acquisition of DCPs ensures that Canadian feature films produced and distributed digitally will be preserved. LAC is committed more than ever to the work of preserving the collection of audiovisual recordings for the benefit of present and future generations of Canadians. Source: