IASA journal Nos. 1-5

IASA Journal No 1, 1993

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  • Some Considerations on future digital sound carriers
    Albrecht Häfner, Südwestfunk, Baden-Baden
  • Curriculum for Physical Restoration of Mechanical Recordings at the Danish School of Conservation
    George Brock-Nannestad, Historic Audio Consultant, Nyborg, Denmark
  • Audio Magnetic Tape Preservation and Restoration
    Del A. Eilers, 3M Technical Service Specialist, presented by Barry Alderton, 3M Technical Service Engineer
  • The National Museum of Australia
    David André, National Museum of Australia, Canberra
  • The National Library of New Zealand
    Bronwyn Officer, National Library of New Zealand, Wellington
  • The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
    Dianne Hosking, Canberra
  • Future Patterns of AV Archive Use: Reaching out to new users
    Eva Fønss-Jørgensen, State and University Library/State Media Archive, Arhus
  • Cataloguing in the SABC Sound Archives
    Leon Endemann, South African Broadcasting Corporation
  • A Computerised Catalogue for Unpublished Recordings
    Danièle Branger, National Library, Paris
  • Australian Bibliographic Network: Supersearch
    Linda Groom, Yves Turgeon, Canberra
  • Compiling an Annual Catalogue of Commercial Recordings of Papua New Guinea Music: Difficulties and Questions of Inclusion
    Don Niles
  • Discography as a backbone in the use of ethnic recordings
    George Brock-Nannestad, Denmark

IASA Journal No 2, 1993

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  • Sound Archives in Finland
    Pekka Gronow, Yleisradio
  • Sound Recordings in Helsinki University Library
    Leena Pärssinen, Helsinki Public Library Jyväskylä University Library
  • Annika Puruskainen-Jalkanen, Jyväskylä University Library
  • The Sound Recording Archive and the Folklore Archive of the Finnish Literature Society
    Anneli Asplund, Finnish Literature Society, Heslinki
  • The Finnish Film Archive
    Erkki Muinonen
  • The Radio Archive of the Finnish Broadcasting Company
    Lasse Vihonen, Finnish Broadcasting Company
  • The Record Library of the Finnish Broadcasting Company and the Collection of Suomen Äänitearkisto
    Pekka Gronow, The Finnish Broadcasting Company, Helsinki
  • IASA Cataloguing Rules for Audio-Visual Media Cataloguing and Documentation Committee Publication Project
    Mary Miliano, National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra
  • The Cataloguing of AV-Media
    Rainer Hubert, Österreichische Phonothek
  • Shared Cataloguing Resources by the ALB and the Swedish Radio
    Olle Johannsen, ALB, Stockholm
  • Bit Rate Reduction -Introduction
    Albrecht Häfner
  • Introduction to Bit Rate Reduction
    Dietrich Schüller, Phonogrammarchiv
  • Quality Assessment of Low Bit-Rate Audio Codecs
    Christer Grewin, Swedish Broadcasting Corporation
  • Sound Archiving on Quarter Inch Cartridge with Bit Rate Reduction
    Stig-Lennart Molneryd, ALB
  • Early Russian Record Labels
    Alexander VTikhonov, Russian State Archives of Phonodocuments
  • An Oral History of Glyndebourne Festival Opera
    Timothy Day, British Library
  • The United Kingdom National Discography
    Malcolm Tibber, London
  • Extending Public Access to Sound Archives: an Interim Report on the Copyright Implications of Project Jukebox
    A Crispin Jewitt, National Sound Archive, London
  • The Memory of the World

IASA Journal No 3, 1994

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  • IASA: The First Ten Years: some personal memories
    Rolf Schuursma, Rotterdam
  • Should IASA Expand to include Moving Images?
    Ulf Scharlau, Süddeutscher Rundfunk
  • The Case for Expansion into Audiovisual
    Dietrich Schüller, Phonogrammarchiv
  • IASA -The Case for Embracing AV
    Ray Edmondson, National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra
  • IASA Focus on Sound: a Further Defence
    Frank Rainer Huck, Saarländische Rundfunk
  • Sound Or Unsound Archivists? To Be Or Not To Be? What Is The Question?
    Jeff Brownrigg, Canberra
  • Council of Europe Draft Convention To Protect European Audio Visual Heritage: Report And Comment
    Dietrich Schüller, Phonogrammarchiv
  • Do Archivists Need a Philosophy? Sure They Do!
    Michael Harms, Südwestfunk
  • The Introduction of Digital Audio Mass Storage Systems in Radio Broadcasting. A Report on the Progress Within the ARD
    Albrecht Häfner, Südwestfunk
  • Methods for Non-destructive/Non-invasive Identification of Sound Recordings
    George Brock-Nannestad, Nyborg
  • Strategie et Mise en Oeuvre de Transfert des Enregistrements Sonores
    Jean Marc Fontaine, Paris
  • The Implications of "New Technology" for Sound Archives
    George Boston, Milton Keynes
  • Research and Documentation in the Audiovisual Archive of I.R.T.E.M.
  • The Needs and Problems of a Traditional Archive
    Alan Bruford, Edinburgh
  • Sound Recordings in Czech Radio
    Jana Jirákovái, Prague
  • R-Dat and its Use in Archiving
    Pat Kellogg, Ottawa
  • Transfer of Music Sound Recordings from the Former GDR to the Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv
    Anke Leenings, Frankfurt am Main

IASA Journal No 4, 1994

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  • Music for the Movies: an Overview of the Australian Contribution During the Seventy-five Years, 1894-1969
    Diane Napthali, Sydney
  • Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery in Audiovisual Collections
    Gerald D Gibson, Washington DC
  • A lot of Information: How to provide access
    Alena Troitskaja, St Petersburg
  • The German National Discography
    Rainer E Lotz, Bonn
  • Germany calling -Goebbels propaganda -Jazz Orchester im Zweiten Weltkrieg
    Horst Bergmeier, Apeldoorm
  • The radio productions of the DDR broadcasting service ­ an analysis of the collection
    Monika Brandenstein, Berlin
  • DeutschlandRadio and its archives
    Marianne Buder, Berlin
  • Digital Audio in Archives
    lan Gilmour, Canberra
  • Audio, Film, and Video Survey
    Gerald D Gibson, Washington DC
  • Strategies for the Safeguarding of Audio and Video Materials in the Long Term
    Dietrich Schüller, Phonogrammarchiv
  • Mass Storage based Solutions for Digital Media Archives
    Joachim Stark, IBM
  • On the way to a fully Integrated Media - Archive Digital Mass Storage in Media Archives: a solution based on the Sony Dir-I000
    Horst Niederehe, Sony Deutschland
  • The Tokyo Resolution

IASA Journal No 5, 1995

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  • The National Sound Archive IT Project: documentation of sound recording using the Unicorn collections management system
    Chris Clark, British Library
  • Cataloguing of Radio Programmes in YLE
    Lasse Vihonen
  • The Definition of AV Media
    Rainer Hubert, Österreichisches Phonothek
  • Multimedia storage in the audiovisual department of the Landesmuseum Joanneum Bild und Tonarchiv -Graz
    Armgard Schiffer-Ekhart, Graz
  • Globo TV Documentation Center: News. Communication and Engineering
    Nisicler Moreira
  • Documentation and Information Retrieval in the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE
    Päivi Niskanen and Ritva Tarkki
  • Memory of the World Project
    Joie Springer, UNESCO
  • From the dawn of collaboration to a global concept
    Serge Roth, SSR Geneva
  • Urgent measure for the preservation of endangered sound documents in Switzerland
    Kurt Deggeller, Lugano
  • Archival Sound Carrier Survey
    John Spence, Australia
  • The Digital Termites or How our Heritage is eroded bit by bit
    George Brock-Nannestad, Copenhagen