Ghana To Mark ‘World Day For Audiovisual Heritage” With Public Engagement

October 27th marks the "World Day for Audiovisual Heritage" an occasion to acknowledge and to raise general awareness of audiovisual heritage and to take urgent measures to preserve it as an integral part of national identity. This year's theme is: "Its your Story - Don't lose it".

Judith Opoku-Boateng, Archivist, Institute of African Studies University of Ghana Legon, Accra said: “In Ghana, much of our heritage has been expensively captured on audiovisual formats and kept in our heritage institutions. Sadly, these priceless collections are in a state of neglect because the Archivists and the archival institutions face the unnerving task of managing them”.

She further notes that “the preservation of endangered archives is not solely a technical, or even a financial issue; it also has a strong social component, which once again underlines the need for cross-disciplinary thinking”.

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