PrestoPRIME Digital Preservation Workshop

26 Nov 2010
London, GB

London, 26 November 2010

PrestoPRIME Digital Preservation Workshop

BBC R&D South Lab, Centre House, 56 Wood Lane London W12 7SB, UK

There is one project pan-European project that is looking specifically at the digital preservation of audiovisual files: PrestoPRIME. This project started in January 2009 and presented its strategy – for public review – a year ago in Vienna (5-6 October 2009). Now a year has passed, and PrestoPRIME now has definite, concrete and useful results to present. It’s all about files You can’t see them, you don’t know where they are, they are so complex that they are called wrappers instead of formats, they have embedded encodings, there is a ton of technical jargon [MXF, XML, MPEG-50, i-frame only, lossy, D10, codec, compression ... ].

There is technology for preservation of files, coming from the digital library community, which has its own complexities: OAIS, trusted digital repositories, preservation metadata, metadata extraction, METS, MODS, PREMIS, JHOVE, PRONOM, DROID, LOCKSS, DAITSS, PLANETS, DRAMBORA, DCC, DPC, DPE ... and more.