The management of digital audiovisual collections

9 Apr 2018 to 10 Apr 2018
Vilnius, Lithuania

International workshop “The management of digital audiovisual collections” in Vilnius


Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council (BAAC), Lithuanian Central State Archive and Lithuanian Archivists’ Association are organizing the international workshop “The Management of Digital Audiovisual Collections” in Vilnius 9-10 April, 2018. It will be hosted by Lithuanian National M.Mažvydas Library.

Workshop’s description and objectives

During last few years we have been noticing that more and more audiovisual content become digital and is published online. There are a lot of websites created by audiovisual memory institutions where people can watch films, listen to sound recordings or navigate through historical photo material. However increasing amount of available digital content inevitably creates various problems and challenges concerning management of this content. There is almost no tradition or experience – both in Lithuania and in other Baltic States – what digital content to preserve and how to store; how to create metadata and manage databases; how to harmonize technologies and users needs. On the other hand, it is very important to digitize audiovisual content not only for the preservation, but also for wider reuse. How and why users interact with digital audiovisual resources? And what each audiovisual memory institution could do to attract audiences and engage users?

During the workshop participants will be introduced to the different aspects of digital audiovisual collections management:

  • standards and best practises of preservation of different kinds of digital audiovisual content;
  • principles of metadata creation and management of databases;
  • attractive ways of providing digital content to the users;
  • IPR issues  in digital space;
  • various possibilities for content curation, users engagement and reuse;
  • development of attractive electronic services involving digital audiovisual content.

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to manage digital audiovisual collections of their institutions, to popularise the content, to enlarge possibilities for access and reuse. Participants will also be able to improve communication skills in working groups and between different institutions.

The lectures of the workshop – Prof. Rimvydas Laužikas (Vilnius University Communications Faculty); Dr. Berber Hagedoorn (University of Groningen, the Netherlands); Juozas Markauskas (BAAC, ICCROM lecturer); Jurga Gradauskaitė (iLaw association). Workshop language is English.

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