FIAT/IFTA World Conference: “Advancing the digital dividend”.

19 Oct 2021 to 21 Oct 2021

After analyzing the global evolution of the covid-19 pandemic, FIAT/IFTA has decided to hold the 2021 World Conference in a virtual environment. The FIAT/IFTA Executive Council has decided at the same time to aim to organise the 2022 World Conference in Cape Town, at the location originally planned for 2021.

We are fully aware that a digital conference does not create the same experience as a live meeting, but it also significantly lowers the threshold for greater participation. With that in mind we do hope many of you will join us during the event. Save the new dates now and we look forward to seeing you online, from 19 until 21 October 2021.

The title of this year’s FIAT/IFTA conference is “Advancing the digital dividend”. The past year has shown that we need to be agile, able to rapidly adapt to change. We must continue to ensure our remit in acquisition, preservation, access and use is to the fore so that the archives can deliver on the promise of the social, cultural and economic leverage that they comprise. In other words, we must ensure that the digital dividend, the return to society of our efforts, becomes as large, as visible and as viable as possible. For this reason, the 2021 FIAT/IFTA World Conference programme features the following chapters:

  • Digital preservation: an era of new challenges
  • New actors, new models, new processes in MAM and metadata creation
  • Relevance, engagement and distinctiveness: the archive as a public actor
  • Archival value: between return on society and return on investment
  • Local issues, global perspectives