Audiovisual Archives in Latin America: Access, Value and Preservation

29 Sep 2020 to 30 Sep 2020

The invention of the television brought excitement to the daily lives of people around the world. Broadcasting of images in drama and news brought about mass communications. The internet with its networks and multiple screens enabled the definitive distribution and integration of audiovisual content to our daily lives. In the age of audiovisual information, we have  become both consumers and producers of content. But what is the state of the records which preserve the audiovisual historical memory of TV along time?

How are TV productions and shows in Brazil and Latin America preserved to maintain a connection with the new generations? How can such a rich historical resource be made available to new audiences to view, study or incorporate into new productions?

The International Federation of Television Archives FIAT/IFTA, in a partnership with TV Cultura, invite you to participate in their free Regional Online Seminar “Audiovisual Archives in Latin America: Access, Value and Preservation,” on September 29 and 30.