71st FIAF Congress

12 Apr 2015 to 18 Apr 2015
Sydney & Canberra, Australia

You are invited to attend the 71st FIAF Congress to be held in Sydney and Canberra, Australia from 12th to 18th April 2015.As the second congress ever to be held in Australia, we are designing it to provide the pleasures of both Sydney and Canberra as venues during the week. Beginning in the heart of Sydney we hope to draw a diverse audience for the symposium:

Fairly Legal
Intellectual property, content regulation and film archiving: where are we heading?

There will be many opportunities to enjoy this most metropolitan of cities and we will then travel through the scenic Southern Highlands of New South Wales to assemble at the National Film and Sound Archive’s (NFSA) headquarters in Canberra, the nation’s capital, for the workshops and congress. In Canberra we will have the opportunity to meet many of the NFSA’s staff as well as colleagues from other national cultural institutions, and to enjoy our splendid Arc cinema screenings at the end of our very busy days of FIAF business.