The decay of polymers in information storage carriers


Dr Michele Edge and Joan Whitehead – presented at 1995 JTS in London; printed in the Proceedings pages 19 – 30.


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Published by the Technical Co-ordinating Committee.

assisted by
Joan Whitehead,
Centre for Archival Polymeric Materials,
Manchester Metropolitan University.

Introduction by Henning Schou:
Dr Edge gained her Degree and PhD from Manchester Polytechnic (now Manchester Metropolitan University). She is currently Lecturer in Physical Chemistry and is also involved in the supervision of 12 PhDs in Applied Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Photochemistry and Conservation of Polymers. The work of the researchers is sponsored by the National Film and Television Archive, the Tate Gallery, the Science Museum, ICI, Courtaulds Coatings, Du-Pont, Tioxide and Unilever.

Dr Edge is the Co-Director of the Centre for Archival Polymers which, with her colleagues at the University, Professor Norman Allan and Dr. Jewitt, and Velsom Horrie of Manchester Museum, she founded at Manchester Metropolitan University (formerly Manchester Polytechnic). The Centre undertakes research and consultancies for polymers used in long-term applications including information carriers. She is a member of the committee of the Makro group of the Royal Society of Chemistry for discussion of polymer degradation.

Those of you who were in Ottawa in 1990 will recall Dr Edge ‘s presentation which dealt with the deterioration of polymers in audiovisual materials. Today, five years on from Ottawa, Dr. Edge will summarise the progress made in our understanding of the stability of information carriers. She will be assisted with the presentation by her PhD student, Joan Whitehead.

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