10.A. Preliminary rule

10.A.1. PunctuationThere is no equivalent in ISBD for Chapter 10. Therefore Chapter 10 does not correspond to ISBD punctuation. In any case, most of the information in Chapter 10 will appear in note form.

Precede each note by a full stop, space, dash, space (. - ) or start a new paragraph for each. Separate introductory wording from the main content of a note by a colon followed, but not preceded by, a space (: ).

The only exception to this general rule is where a second or subsequent item has a different physical format from the first (original) item described in the catalogue record, e.g. the first item is an LP, the second a cassette. In these cases follow the punctuation from Area 5 when giving their physical description in Chapter 10.

10.A.2. Sources of information

10.A.2.1. Take information recorded according to this chapter from any appropriate source, e.g. the item itself, including any labels, etc. that are permanently affixed; the audiovisual content of the item; a container which is an original part of the item; accompanying textual material; a secondary source; the conservator's or curator's own observations or those of a predecessor, or correspondence with the source of acquisition.