Reminder: IASA Executive Board Nominations 2023

IASA Executive Board Elections 2023

Dear IASA colleagues,

This is a reminder that IASA is conducting an election for the 2023-2026 term and requests nominations for the following positions:

  • President
    • Please consider this important position. The current President will automatically become Past-President, but remains on the EB, providing continuity and assistance. Don't fear, serving on the Board is group effort! 
  • Vice-President* (3 separate positions)
    • These are currently focused on the areas of Conferences, Mambership, and Communications. Do you have a strength or interest in these areas? Consider putting your talents to work with IASA.
  • Secretary-General
    • A very important role in providing continuity to the EB and the organization! Do you like organizing groups? Do you enjoy attention to detail? This could be a role for you.
  • Treasurer
    • Help keep IASA financial operations going and improve them. Work with the President, Past-President, and the rest of the EB to responsibly apply our resources. Where can we have the most impact? 
  • Editor
    • Help continue the long tradition of TC publications and the IASA Journal. This position is a crucial to our work, including helping assemble our amazing conference programmes.   
  • Webmanager
    • Do you care about reach for the organization? The IASA website is heavily trafficked and serves as a resource hub, including the IASA list. Do you care about web accessibility for all? Please consider putting your vision to work!  

*each Vice-President undertakes duties and responsibilities negotiated with the Executive Board (past roles have been membership, conferences, and training & education).

Nominees must be IASA members in good standing and have attended at least three IASA conferences. They should also be able to commit to attending all or most IASA conferences for the term.

Nominations are to be submitted via the attached form. According to the election by-laws (see below), each nomination must be accompanied by signatures from the proposer, one seconder and the nominee.

Please scan the completed and signed form and submit it as a PDF file to any of the election committee members listed on the form.

The deadline for nominations is 28 February 2023.

In early March 2023 we’ll ask each nominee to submit a statement (500 words or less) that includes biographical information and addresses the question: What is your vision for the association, and where do you see IASA in 10 years? This statement will appear on the ballot, which will be sent to all IASA members in late March, 2023.

The voting period will last until 25 August 2023.

Please note: only votes from IASA members in good standing will be considered for the election (membership status will be corroborated by the committee). The Nominating Committee Chair will announce the election results at the 2023 General Assembly and also electronically via IASA official outlets.

Best wishes,

Bruce Gordon
Chair, IASA Nominating Committee
Aaron Bittel
Member, IASA Nominating Committee
Brad McCoy
Member, IASA Nominating Committee