The Lars Gaustad Award 2023 Recipient: Somaya Langley

The IASA Executive Board is pleased to announce that Somaya Langley is the 2023 recipient of the Lars Gaustad Award. 

The Lars Gaustad Award celebrates his 22 years as chair of the IASA Technical Committee (TC). During this time, many of IASA’s most influential publications were crafted, significantly shaping the practice of audiovisual preservation worldwide. The award is for five years of membership of IASA, including TC membership. One award is given annually.

Somaya has actively presented, promoted, and preserved digital audiovisual content. She is the inaugural Digital Preservation Manager at the Science Museum Group, UK. She is Co-Chair of the International Council on Archives’ Expert Group on Managing Physical and Digital Records. In recent years, she has been reorienting her work towards broader applications of technological creativity, exploring intersections with human rights organisations. Previously, she has worked in Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom for organisations including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Cambridge University, Electrofringe Festival, and the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. 

Additionally, Somaya has a deep history of teaching and publication. She has made substantial contributions to the literature on the digital preservation and stewardship of archival content and data, focusing on conserving time-based media at institutions of different sizes and focus.

Funding for this award is generously provided by George Blood Audio/Video/Film/Data.

Please join us in congratulating Somaya Langley and Lars Gaustad, in whose name the prize is awarded!