The Inaugural Lars Gaustad Award

The IASA Executive Board is pleased to announce the inaugural Lars Gaustad Award. This award is given in recognition of Lars' 22 years as chair of the IASA Technical Committee (TC), during which time many of IASA’s most influential documents were crafted, significantly shaping the practice of audiovisual preservation worldwide. The award is generously sponsored by George Blood Audio/Video/Film/Data. 

The Award is given to expand the TC, by adding to its membership input on factors and expertise that are currently under-represented, such as challenges faced under different institutional settings, areas of the globe with environmental, political and institutional challenges; or fields of knowledge potentially useful to preservationYou can read more about this award here as well as apply:

Please consider nominating a colleague who you think would be a good addition to the IASA Technical Committee and its work. This includes self-nomination if you are interested in being a contributor to the evolving field of sound and audiovisual archives. It is a multi-disciplinary endeavour and will require many perspectives. 

Again, thanks to George Blood for helping create this valuable opportunity.