ICA: #StayHome learn from home

ICA’s offer to the archival community during COVID-19#StayHome learn from home https://www.ica.org/en/stayhome-learn-from-home-ica-s-offer-to-the-archival-community-during-covid-19

Above all, we hope you - and your family and staff - are in good health.

A new situation calling for new measures. We all recognize the unprecedented situation that the worlwide COVID-19 crisis is having on your work, domestic and social structures, all of which are being impacted. The whole ICA team has switched to homeworking but even remotely, the team spirit persists. Our overriding message to all of the ICA network is: stay at home, but stay connected! The ica.org website remains open during this period and we remain available by email, telephone and videoconference.

To allow you to improve your skills...

Supporting you in developing your professional skills is particularly important to us at ICA. This is why we have developed an online training programme in 2019 which we plan to complement in 2020. Two courses are currently available in both French and English:

- Introduction to Records Management https://www.ica.org/en/lms/login, and

- Understanding and Using the Universal Declaration on Archives https://www.ica.org/en/lms/login

In these complicated times, the role of archives and records services should not be underestimated, so why not learn more about the Universal Declaration on Archives and the important role played by our institutions?

ICA provides the opportunity to enhance your skills and offers, at an exceptional price, the chance for you to gain a deeper understanding of the Universal Declaration on Archives and how it is not only relevant but also useful not just for the international archives and records community but also for society as a whole https://www.ica.org/en/lms/login

This course will give you a better understanding of how the Declaration can be used to support records and archives management work, accountability, transparency and memory.

Special price ‘Understanding and Using the Universal Declaration on Archives’ 50€

To inform you...

At this particular time, it may be a good opportunity to rediscover the ICA Resource Centre and enrich your skills:

  • You weren’t able to join us for ICA 2019 Conference ‘Designing Archives’? That’s okay! We have loaded the keynote speeches and presentations for you. Learn how to build a user-centered archives, understand user needs and the future of archives https://www.ica.org/en/dtaadelaide2019
  • Interested in professional topics and ICA initiatives: Read (or re-read!) the bi-annual Flash magazine https://www.ica.org/en/flash
  • Just want to know what’s happening in the archives world from month to month: Sign up to receive the ICA e-Newsletter (next one coming soon... ) https://www.ica.org/en/suscribe-ica-newsletter

Free access to all those contents

So #StayHome, work, learn and take care of yourself