IASA's Research Archives Section launches “Welcome to Our Archives” project

On the occasion of IASA's 50th Annual Conference...

IASA's Research Archives Section has launched a project “Welcome to Our Archives”, in order to raise public awareness about audio-visual archives, both in general and in very particular ways. Also, we think that it is a useful contribution to the network of IASA members, especially to the ones who are looking for possible collaborations.


Our aim is to gather information about research archives that contain audio-visual material and to share this information with a larger audience. This is an opportunity to promote your institution, collections, technical tools, methods, trainings, publications, even personal work — as an archivist, researcher, technician and/or curator, and to share your positive outcomes, as well as problems.

For this purpose, all types of presentations are welcome! We encourage PDFs and accept animated presentations, texts with sound and visual illustrations and examples, and especially video recordings with explanations of your work (if possible, please host it on YouTube, Vimeo or your institutional website, and send us the link or embed code). We invite you to send us your presentation (in English) to marijadumnic@yahoo.com

We will publish your presentations on the IASA website and Facebook page continuously from 1st November, so we especially encourage you to send us the contributions to 15th October 2019.

We hope that you will recognize the advantages of your on-line visibility and help us with your presentations in order to build this project for all other people interested in the activities of research archives!

Kind regards,
RAS team
Aaron Bittel
Marija Dumnić Vilotijević
Jill Ann Johnson