AMIA 2020 | Call for Proposals

The AMIA Conference Committee

Invites Proposal Submissions for Papers, Sessions, and Workshops

For the 2020 Annual Conference in El Paso, TX

November 11-14, 2020

The goal of the AMIA Conference is to present a broad-based program that speaks to a wide range of attendees with a balance of theory and practice, inviting new ideas and concepts that stimulate additional interest, involvement, and educational benefit. In keeping with ongoing membership discussions about diversity and inclusion, we urge proposers to use AMIA Conference sessions as an opportunity to include new voices and offer diverse viewpoints.

In addition to general programming, the Conference will feature two program streams this year:  Content as Data: Archival Approaches to Computational Analysis and Borders and Borderlands: Conversations and Documentation.  The Committee welcomes proposals on these topics and all issues to do with media archives with particular emphasis in the area of Latin American media heritage and practices, innovative technical solutions, tools and strategies for workflow and data management, sustainable preservation practices & archival approaches to climate crisis, and development of an equitable and inclusive profession.

We encourage you to read the Call for Proposals FAQ. The FAQ explains the review process and offers information and tips on what the reviewers and the Conference Committee consider in the proposal process.  If you have questions about putting together your proposal, please contact our Proposal Help Desk ( Committee members are available to answer your questions and provide advice about the process.

Also, the Conference Committee has created a Google spreadsheet to connect individuals seeking ideas and/or collaborators for session and workshop proposals. The spreadsheet is provided as a means of communication only: the Committee does not monitor the document and it is not part of the official submission process. 

If you have questions about putting together your proposal, please contact our Proposal Help Desk. The Committee has also scheduled two online Office Hours to answer questions and provide advice and assistance (March 3 and April 9).

The online proposal form and information about the form are here.

The Deadline for Proposals is April 14, 2020

AMIA Conference Committee:
Dan Wagner, Conference Program Chair
Tara Kelley, Conference Co-Chair
Lindy Leong, Conference Co-Chair