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2017 IASA Conference - Reminder!

Hi all! Remember that the 2017 IASA Conference Registration is open. Please visit the conference website, review the schedule of events, and register for this auspicious gathering of the sound and audiovisual archival community.


CCAAA Website Update

CCAAA has now incorporated the contents of the website into the CCAAA website:

IASA Journal Format Survey

Dear colleagues --

To reduce costs in the publishing of the IASA Journal, the IASA Board is reviewing the feasibility of moving to an electronic-only strategy for the IASA Journal. Printing and shipping internationally incur the highest costs of producing the Journal. In today's world where many journals are distributed only in electronic form, the IASA Board is surveying IASA members to understand if this is also a possibility for the IASA Journal.


IASA Journal Issue 47 now available online!

IASA announces the release of IASA JournalIssue 47


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