Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects

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IASA Technical Committee, Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects, ed. by Kevin Bradley. Second edition 2009. (= Standards, Recommended Practices and Strategies, IASA-TC 04). International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives.

IASA-TC 04 book

Printed in Australia, 2009, 150 pp
ISBN 978-91-976192-3-3 (not 978-91-976192-2-6 as on first imprint)

Already an accepted authority in the sound archiving field, the second edition is a thoroughly revised and updated publication with substantial new information and chapters.

The second edition contains:
- guidance in metadata, thoroughly explained with examples
- an entirely new structure on digital repositories which follows the OAIS guidelines
- an extensive amount of new information
- guidance on small scale storage solutions
- advice on out-sourced approaches.

No sound archive or audio collection manager should be without this publication as it forms the cornerstone of our work in the digital age.

IASA-TC 04 2nd Edition is available in different languages and formats in paper and PDF copies and also available online in other languages

The 1st edition of IASA-TC 04 is also available:

  • in Italian, as Linee guida per la produzione e la preservazione di oggetti audio digitali, translated by MARTLab. This publication is available at the Associazione Italiana Biblioteche AIB, Roma. To order, use online order form available at


The IASA-TC 04 2nd Edition has been generously sponsored by:

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