Association for Recorded Sound Collections adds new podcasts and a blog demonstrating importance of historical sound recordings

ARSC (The Association for Recorded Sound Collections) is making available two new 3 to 4 minute podcasts by documentarian Anthony Wellman, illustrating in a popular manner the type of historical audio that needs to be preserved and made available. These are a live street scene recording made more than 80 years ago, and a very early example of a prerecorded weight-loss program for ordinary people.

They are part of an ARSC series of podcasts entitled, “Echoes of History,” meant to demonstrate to the public the importance of historical sound recordings. They are available here:

In addition ARSC has initiated an informative weekly blog by legal historian Bruce Epperson on the history of sound recording copyright laws in the U.S., and how they have evolved to their present state through legislation and litigation. It is an extended history lesson on the how’s and why’s of current sound recording copyright.

It is available here: