Andorra's national archive produces a documentary and screening

Saving our heritage for the next generation is a way to recognize those that have preceded it is through the work that make the files to recover, conserve and disseminate the elements that speak of society and that are keys to the building and consolidation of identity in continuous evolution.

The national archive of Andorra has prepared two actions: on the one hand, the production of a short documentary to raise awareness and recognise the professional work carried out by Jordi Sasplugas Mateu.

And the other action, which will be carried out with the collaboration of the Cineclub de les Valls and the City Council of Andorra la Vella, is the screening of this documentary dedicated to Jordi Sasplugas, followed by the film El món de Pau Casals [1970-1973], produced by Andorra productions and directed by Joan Baptista Bellsolell. In a public session on the 27th of October at 12.00 pm

Jordi Sasplugas Mateu: Encamp, 1942 – Andorra la Vella 2012 featured and known for bringing the Hotel Mirador and in particular the restaurant of the hotel, L’Órde d’éol, where they met political and cultural activists of Spain and Catalonia, many in the exile. On the basis of the organization of intensive weekend at the hotel, together with Miquel Porter i Josep Farràs, and some of the members of the Círculo A, boosted the Cineclub in Andorra. Mr. Sasplugas is also meant for his political activism and militancy in the PSUC. He was director of foreign programming in the time of the creation of the televisió de Catalunya. As a whole and committed, he worked very hard to give visibility to the cinema that was out of most commercial circuits, and founded the Association of Independent Film Producers of the Mediterranean (Apimed), who now directs the President of the Catalan Academy of Cinema, Isona Passola. The last years of his life he formed part of the andorran audiovisual council and drove for two years the mountain Film Festival which was held in two editions in Sant Julià de Lòria.

Screening of the film El món de Pau Casals (1971-1973), Andorra Productions, directed by Joan Baptista Bellsolell, restored by the andorran Government in 1998 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the death of the Catalan musician (22/10/2013 makes 40) and deposited in the national archive. Joan Baptista Bellsolell (Mataró, 1919 – 2008), Catalan exiled and always committed to the anti-Franco resistance, wanted, with his films, denouncing social injustices and policies and also defend the cinema made in Europe as an alternative to the corporations. In this documentary, all it made with archival images, it narrates the life of the universal musician and renowned pacifist Pau Casals, in the political and social context in which he lived. During his exile, he visited his friends, among whom was the father of Jordi Sasplugas.

soon in: and YouTube channel