Why a Selection Policy

It is desirable that all sound archives, which make up the national collection, should publish their selection policies:

  1. to allow discussion of relative role to proceed from a clearly defined base so that we can co-ordinate with other sound archives either in a hierarchy of dependence or division of responsibility between equals;
  2. to allow rationalisation of resources by deciding priorities and preventing duplication;
  3. a good service cannot be provided within the oral history field by simply reacting to public demand as there must be a positive endeavour to build collections which will anticipate needs and give an orderly expression of priorities over a period of time;
  4. to facilitate understanding of the operation of the sound archives selection policy.
    1. Users can see the principles used and thus better judge the areas covered by the collection. Donors can also make a pre-judgment of whether their material will be selected for archival preservation.
    2. Staff can work to clearly defined rules guaranteeing stability and consistency untroubled by staff changes.
  5. Evaluation of performance is facilitated.