Show your support for Europeana

[forwarded on behalf of Europeana]

Dear Friends of Europeana,

With work once again in full swing in the cultural heritage world and the summer period well behind us it’s time to update you on progress of the #AllezCulture campaign and our fight to secure future funding for digital cultural heritage through Europeana under the Connecting Europe Framework.

First of all, thanks to your tremendous efforts to express support for Europeana – including a petition that gathered 7,500 signatures - the European Council and Parliament have now recommended funding guidelines that reflect the nature of our work and that allow us to apply for funding.

However that was only stage one of our battle and now we need to secure the funding. It is essential that we keep the momentum of the #AllezCulture campaign going and that Europeana remains high on the agenda of the E.U. institutions, its policymakers and politicians.

To make sure this happens we need you to come up with positive examples of the added value that Europeana and cultural heritage provides and to raise your voice to share them widely.

So please find those examples and tweet them using #AllezCulture, blog about them on your own channels and join the #AllezCulture Facebook Group to let us know about your efforts.

One useful way to do this is to link Europeana directly to the news that you receive from the EU institutions. Every day there are tweets, press releases and announcements on the EU’s goals for digital access and what is being done to achieve them. Help others make the connection between our work and the success of Europe’s Digital Agenda.

So for example, when you come across an interesting EU conference on digital for the creative industries, or hear that the Commission want to promote the app economy, share it and add #AllezCulture. When you see an EU report on the need for an active approach to digital archives – share it with your network, just add #AllezCulture.

The E.U. institutions need to hear through all channels that the work done through Europeana is valued at all levels of our community and should continue to be funded. This is not the moment to let our campaign die, it is the time to keep fighting.

Europeana makes Europe’s culture available for all, across borders and generations and for creative re-use – follow how at #AllezCulture.