Preview of IASA Journal Issue 44

Over the past few months many of our IASA colleagues have been diligently preparing a new slate of articles that together will constitute the upcoming IASA Journal Issue 44, which will be delivered to your door in the next couple of weeks.

Among many excellent articles, this issue includes a special contribution by last year's conference keynote speaker, Mr. Verne Harris, of the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa.

Following is a preview of the articles that are included in this issue:

"Spectres of Archive and Liberation"
[Verne Harris, Nelson Mandela Foundation, South Africa]

"Why Media Preservation Can’t Wait: the Gathering Storm"
[Mike Casey, Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative, Indiana University, USA]

"The Day the Earth Moved Under Our Feet"
[Marie O’Connell, The New Zealand Archive of Film, Television and Sound]

"Broadcast Archives: Between Productivity and Preservation"
[Jean-Christophe Kummer, NOA Audio Solutions, Austria
Peter Kuhnle, NOA Audio Solutions, Austria
Sebastian Gabler, NOA Audio Solutions, Austria]

"Re-lubrication of Compact Cassette Tapes with SBS (Soft Binder Syndrome)"
[Enric Giné Guix, Sonology Department, ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música
de Catalunya), Tasso Laboratori de so. Barcelona, Spain]

"“Honey, I Burnt the Tapes!” A Study on Thermal Treatment for the Recovery
of Magnetic Tapes Affected by Soft Binder Syndrome-Sticky Shed Syndrome"
[Federica Bressan, Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova, Italy
Sergio Canazza, Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova, Italy
Roberta Bertani, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padova, Italy]

"An Analysis of the Broadcasting Migration Process from Analogue to Digital Format:
A Comparison of Botswana Television and Namibian Broadcasting Corporation"
[Thandie Puthologo, University of Namibia
Ruth M. Abankwah, University of Namibia]

"Virtual Media in an OAIS-enabled Environment"
[Sebastian Gabler, NOA Audio Solutions, Austria]

"Dealing with Issues of Technological Obsolescence at the Oregon State Archives:
Digitization of Rols Audio Dictation Tapes"
[Austin Schulz, Oregon State Archives, USA]

"Putting Archival AV Media Into Context:
An Archival Approach to Processing Mixed-media Manuscript Collections"
[Megan McShea, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, USA]

"Voices of Southern Patagonia: Digital Preservation of Sound Material"
[Gustavo Navarro, Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral,
Unidad Académica San Julián, Argentina]

As editor, I want to express my thanks to all the contributors to this issue. The journal received enough expressions of interest for this issue that I was forced to request that twelve articles be placed on hold until the next issue (Issue 45). This is a great problem to have and I hope that the IASA community continues to desire to publish work in the journal. As I have said previously, the IASA Journal is a mouthpiece for the audiovisual archives community and all are welcome to contribute. It is here that we can continue to engage in discourse about important contemporary issues, share information about ongoing activities, and philosophize about what the future holds.

I look forward to delivering the hard copy to all IASA members and subscribers' doors in the upcoming weeks.

Sincerely, and all my best --

Bertram Lyons, CA
International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) (link sends e-mail)